Bass Guitar Notes

What are the names of the notes for the bass?

If you are trying to learn the names of the bass guitar, look no further. The video below will teach you everything you need to know in order to be able to learn and memorize the bass guitar notes. Enjoy!

If you are still having trouble learning the note names, or if you would just like a little extra help, then be sure to check out the bass note map and the other sticker sets on this website here. The Bass Note Map Sticker Set by Fret Daddy is the perfect sticker set for bass players looking to learn the names of the notes. You can leave the stickers on your bass for up to six months, which will give you plenty of time to become comfortable with all of the notes.

Helpful tip - If you are a guitar player, trying to transition to learning the bass and if you already know the names of the notes for guitar, then this helpful hint may be of use to you: the notes of the bass are exactly the same as the notes for the bottom four strings of the electric and/or acoustic guitar.