About Us

Our Approach to Learning

Guitar Notes is owned and operated by FretDaddy, LLC - the world's leading manufacturer of instructional guitar stickers for guitar and bass. This website is dedicated to providing premium quality stickers to guitar players at affordable prices to the US and abroad.

Our stated mission is to help students of all ages and backgrounds learn guitar and bass as quickly and easily as possible. To achieve this goal Fret Daddy provides outstanding products and services that make the learning process more efficient and effective.

Our Unique Approach to learning includes a number of fundamental elements: mnemonic devices for learning and memorizing fretboard note patterns, practice plans for developing articulation dexterity as well as coordination, and visual cues for helping students to learn the modes and patterns necessary to master the guitar. Fret Daddy stickers are designed to provide the necessary visual tools, allowing students to focus on more important and challenging aspects of learning the guitar.

If you have any questions about our products or mission or about anything at all, please feel free to contact us using this website's contact form.